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Invite Us to Share at Your Seminar, Workshop, Conference or Retreat!

Endless Possibilities Seminars and Retreats


Listening to the author of ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES share about spiritual journeying makes it all come alive!  Why not invite Dr. Spitzer to share with your church, school, or non-profit organization?

Introduce your people to the ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES vision of journeying...

Benefits of an ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES Retreat...

bulletYour people will gain a greater appreciation of how God is present in their lives.
bulletYour people will be guided through a proven method of exploring their personal journeys.
bulletYour church or organization will gain new insights into your journey as a group.

Strategic planning, with a spiritual twist...

Churches and organizations journey in response to their sense of calling or mission, but often need guidance regarding direction.  Dr. Spitzer consults with churches and non-profit organizations regarding their past, present and future. 


bulletDevelop a new mission statement or strategic plan.
bulletEmpower your leaders to develop a new level of unity and purpose.
bulletEncourage your group to respond faithfully to God's will for your future.
Making Friends, Making Disciples Seminars and Retreats
Invite Dr. Spitzer to share about the joys and challenges of friendship in the twenty-first century!  Topics covered in his "Making Friends, Making Disciples" workshops and seminars include:

1) Loneliness and the Need for Deep Relationships and Connections
2) Jesus' Friendship Circles
3) Friendship in the Bible
4) Appreciating Your Personal Friendship Circles
5) Friendships and Discipleship
6) Friendships and Evangelism
7) The Dynamics of our Friendship with God
8) Friendships with People of the Opposite Sex

Jesus Christ from Cover to Cover Studies
Jesus Christ from Cover to Cover organizes the Bible into 7 modules.  Invite Dr. Spitzer to teach one of these modules at your church:

> The Torah

> Israel’s History Books

> Israel’s Wisdom Literature

> Israel’s Prophets 

> The Gospels and Acts

> Paul on Jesus 

> Other Epistles and Revelation