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"Making Friends, Making Disciples"

"Lee Spitzer has landed on the fundamental human relationship, a cultural universal—friendship. Best of all, he sees friendship as a necessary good in and of itself, a virtue and practice that constitutes humanness, validates personhood, and creates community...Establishing friendships within significant circles of love and becoming a friend of God are the first two steps in seeing our faith communities grow and thrive in authentic relationship and mission." —David W Augsburger, Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA

"In the high-tech world of the Internet and social networking, how should Christians think about friendship? In Making Friends, Making Disciples, Lee Spitzer not only shows how good friendships enrich our lives, but also how they bless the church by nurturing Christians for faithful discipleship and mission. In chapters that explore Jesus’ model of friendship, friendship as a spiritual journey, and the different kinds of friendship, Spitzer insightfully portrays why good friendships help make the church and our world a better place. Making Friends, Making Disciples reminds us that friendships are both a grace and a calling." —Paul J. Wadell, Professor of Religious Studies, St. Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin; author,Becoming Friends: Worship, Justice and the Practice of Christian Friendship

"Lee gets to the heart of the matter, asserting that the church is a Christ-centered community of friends that is committed to making more friends. His approach goes much deeper than 'friendship evangelism.' Lee explores 'how friendship informs the internal life (discipleship) and outreach ministry (evangelism in a holistic sense) of the church in the twenty-first century.' He argues powerfully that cultivating friendship with God and neighbor is a spiritual discipline, not having some ulterior motive, but because God has called us to make and be friends." —Rev. Dr. J. Dwight Stinnett, Living Church Series Editor, Executive Minister, American Baptist Churches, Great Rivers Region

"In Making Friends, Making Disciples, Lee Spitzer refers to the great prize of genuine friends. The prize is not only ours. It is a prize for the Kingdom of God, a gift we give to God as God uses our prized friendships to draw hungry, angry, gifted, lonesome people into everlasting and transforming arms. Lee helps us to discern the mysterious ways in which God has been growing circles of friends, your circle of friends, with eternal purpose at heart. I have read Lee's books. And this is his best work." —Frank Reeder, as posted on Amazon

"Lee integrates years of ministry experience into a disciplined reflection on what our faith and biblical tradition teach us about friendship. Drawing also upon the insights on friendship of both classical and contemporary scholars, and then distilling all these insights to create a practical and analytical tool for personal and congregational use, what Lee has done - at least for me - is to produce a valuable ministry resource that brings into sharp focus the critical role of friendship in personal and spiritual transformation. Lee's Friendship Circles model helps churches analyze the nature of the relationships within its fellowship. What impact do friendships in our churches have on our desire to be an evangelizing and discipling community? Do our friendship circles invite others to faith and fellowship? Do our friendships lead us into deeper communion with Jesus? Do they lead us to growth and faithful adventure? Do our church programs, structure - or even furniture - foster friendship? Finally, Lee concludes by reminding us that friendship is a gift that emanates no less from the mystery of the Incarnation, the loving act of God to relate with us through the full humanity of Jesus." —Dr. Elmo Familiaran, Associate Regional Pastor and Area Minister, American Baptist Churches of New Jersey

"I love the mix of theology and practice in this book.  Lee gives us new eyes to see the familiar in a fresh ways." —Ann Borquist, American Baptist missionary in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

"This easy-to-read guide flows in a conversational style and enlightens the topic that's dear to most believers' hearts: deepening friendships. Recommended for church leaders, Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, and book clubs." Church Libraries, Winter 2010-11

"This is a book that will prove to be a quick read, provide needed wisdom for church and personal life, and yes, might even lead to growth of the church – not only in numbers but also in spirit." Bob Cornwall, Ponderings on a Faith Journey

"Lee's book provides a welcome and fascinating window into a typically unexamined part of our lives...Lee is convinced that our friendships, actual and potential, are gifts that God has given us that can be submitted to and employed by him for his kingdom and glory. Properly understood, our friendships give clues to what God desires to do in, through, and around us. They form the substructure of all evangelism and discipleship, and a healthy, balanced web of friendships within a church is an essential ingredient for a healthy and faithful body. Making Friends, Making Disciples explores all these themes." Pastor Cory Hartman, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Hollidaysburg, PA (as posted on his blog First Corynthians)